·      Identification: 7 Systemic Parts of Chemistry/

Mathematics [2]

·      Name:  Madison Farrish

·      Grade Level: 11th

·      Class and Period: Chemistry period 6

·      Date: 9/5/06

·      Time: 4 hrs. or 2 weeks

·      Assistance: I had assistance from Liz who sat next to me, with figuring out how to keep changing my number from one thing to another. I also had a little help from Megan Carfagno with my conversions of the numbers, and Mr. Young’s demonstration in class on how to do it.

·      Documentation: Standard Chemistry Convert

Me ; Link 2; next to this link.

·      Reflection: I chose Roses and Bears because it involved a great deal of thinking and problem solving. It took time and effort, and was very tricky, making it a great challenge. You had to understand that you were looking at a dice, not just a square with dots in it, and how if you had a rose or bear, were the fish and petals were on the dice.