·      Identification: Science Fair   [2]

·      Name:  Madison Farrish

·      Grade Level: 11th

·      Class and Period: Chemistry period 6

·      Date: 9/18/06

·      Time: The document has taken me 2 hours—1 hour one day and another hour another day

·      Assistance: Mr. Young helped with the general idea of what to do, but after that I worked by myself on to find what I needed.

·      Documentation: Standard Chemistry Science Fair I ; located  at Link 2; beside this link.

·      Reflection: I chose the Science Fair I work, because it was the only work we have done at the moment that related to science fairs. For this document I had to learn about sciences fair projects that have already been done that relate to chemistry. It was suppose to make me start thinking about what project I would want to do.