Identify 7 Science Fair projects that have been done by others and are related to Chemistry. Complete the table below in the 1st step in this process.



What do you think this is project is about?

How does the project relate to Chemistry?

Testing of water for substances



Water chemistry

Testing different kinds of water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, iron and hardness

We’re looking for substances found on the periodic table


Testing of peanuts


Chemistry (energy & food science)

Testing to see if a peanut, which has stored chemical energy in it, can heat up water using that energy

We’re looking to see if the chemical energy that we use in our self from a peanut can transfer to heat up water

Testing of pH



Water chemistry

How the pH level from rainwater differs from one place to another

In chemistry you have to know about pH levels.


Testing of pH, too


Water chemistry

If other fruits or vegetables work like red cabbage as a pH indicator.

You work on finding out if they’re acids or bases

Hydrogen and oxygen




To separate water into hydrogen and oxygen






It’s found on the periodic table, and how to substances are put together to form one




Water chemistry

To see is if different flow rates in streams affect the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and temperature in a stream

Once again, it deals with pH levels and oxygen




Water chemistry

If the pH levels water effects the rustling of nails

pH, and iron which is on the periodic table





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