·      Identification: Journal 

·      Name: Madison Farrish

·      Grade Level: 11th

·      Class and Period: Chemistry period 6

·      Date: 8/21/06, 8/28/06, 9/05/06, 9/11/06, 9/18/06---(day I finished)

·      Time: 1 hour

·      Assistance: Liz Akins helped me with understanding how some things connected to the journals.

·      Documentation: Standard Chemistry Journal 2006-2007 ; it’s in the link 2, for journals 1-5

·      Reflection: I chose to put these five journals in it because they were the only journals we have done this year and each one shows what we have been doing in class. It also helped me study for my test since I talked about how to do certain things.