1. Journal Prompt for the Week of August 21, 2006:
    Why are you enrolled in this course? What other science courses did you consider? Why did you take this level of Chemistry?  

- During the course of choosing my classes last year I was presented with two choices to pick from. One of them was physics and the other was chemistry. I enrolled myself in chemistry, because during ninth grade when we took a little of both physics and chemistry, I found it easy to comprehend and do the work presented to me. Even though I found ninth grade chemistry pretty easy, I chose not to do honors for reasons of it probably being totally different from my last experiences and a maybe a little harder.


  1. Journal Prompt for the Week of August 28, 2006:

What level of significance did you choose for the water? Why?
          - In choosing the level of significance for the water, I choose .20. At the time I didn’t truly get the concept of what we were doing. But then I came to realize that what I had chosen was partially correct. I had decided that 20% of the time the water wasn’t exactly at seven. The results in the t-test showed that I was kind of correct.


  1. Journal Prompt for the Week of September 5, 2006:
    How would the ppm calculations be different it we were dealing with a liquid? A gas?

-  When doing ppm, solids, liquids, and gases are all calculated by different ways. Solids, are measured by their mass. Gases are measured by area, and liquids are measured by volume. So, each would has to be calculated in different ways.


  1. Journal Prompt for the Week of September 11, 2006:
    What do ROSES and BEARS have to do with chemistry? Explain.

-Both ROSES and BEARS make you reach into your mind and work really had to figure out the questions. Maybe, chemistry is going to make us use deep thought processing. Roses and Bears also made us look at patterns. Chemistry this year might make us look for patterns in the periodic table, or relationships in what we do.


5. Journal Prompt for the Week of September 18, 2006:
What are your expectations for the MidTerm e-Portfolio? Why?
      - My expectations for the Mid-Term e-Portfolio are very low. I don’t expect that much out of myself, just because I’m still struggling with the assignments, some that were given the first week of school. All I’m concentrating on is getting every assignment done in time. I expect myself to have it in some kinds of website, if I ever figure
it out, and to follow all the requirements for it. I know now it’s going to be late because I’m still working on it and my test that has to go in it.